Our Nails

A. With every first time purchase, you will receive a sizing kit in your chosen length beforehand, to ensure the most perfect fit possible!

All you have to do is size each finger, fill out the included size sheet and send it over via email/social media (just don’t forget to include your order number!)

Each length differs size-wise, so if you wish to try out different lengths, you can purchase extra sizing kits in the shop.

Please note that Sizing Kits are only available to UK customers. Any customers outside of the UK need to be sized using measurements and will be contacted/instructed over email.

Detailed sizing instructions for international customers can be found below:

A. The sizing kit will come with 10 nails, ranging from 0-9 (0 being the largest and 9 being the smallest).

Most people will find suitable sizes for each nail within our 0-9 range, but if you find yourself unable to size up any fingers, please get in contact.

Unfortunately we do not offer anything smaller than a 9, however certain Lengths/Shapes do have a larger size in 00 that we keep in reserve.

If you feel you need a 00, just ask! Just be aware that it might not be available in your preferred Length/Shape.

A. See the chart below, we offer a range of 4 different lengths over 4 different shapes, but of course we can only sell what is available for us to use.

The chart uses the measurement for a Tip Size 4 as it's example, which is the average person's middle finger.

A. Each set will come with an Application Kit, which includes a mini file, a cuticle pusher and either a nail glue (for long term wear) OR sticky adhesive tabs (for short term wear).

Make sure your nails are nice and clean before applying, file any rough edges and gently push back your cuticles with the stick. If you are using the nail glue, apply a thin layer directly in the centre of your nail, then gently press down the tip from the cuticle first, holding it in place for a few seconds until it is fully dried.

If you are using the adhesive tabs, peel the sticker off the sheet and apply to your nail, then press the tip down firmly. All done!

If you need a top up for either (or both) types of application, we sell our application kits separately in the shop.

A. The tips are the 'Natural' style by a brand called Après Gel X.

The reason we use the Après tips is because they are soft gel full cover tips, which are the strongest and highest quality type of tips on the market.

The soft gel gives our nails a sturdiness much stronger than the flexi-tips/false nails that you can buy in high street shops.

Après tips are a certified vegan and cruelty free product.

A. We use professional nail brands for all our gel colours and top coats, all of which are from certified vegan and cruelty free brands.

The decals we use on nails are also from certified vegan and cruelty free brands.

A. Yes you can, if fact if you're looking to take them off and re-apply them later, we'd recommend using our adhesive tabs which are perfect for that way of wearing our nails.

Make sure to buff your natural nails first before any re-application.

A. Don't panic!

We offer a replacement service in which you can buy up to 5 replacement nails at a time. Just let us know the size of the nail(s) that's missing and which specific design you need on each nail in the buyers box and we can get one out to you as soon as we can.

We may ask for a photo of your remaining nails just to make sure we can get an accurate design out to match the rest of your set.

A. If this is the case please get in contact with us immediately.

Unless it's due to an error on our end, we are unable to provide a refund/reimbursement, but will work with you to provide a solution.


A. Yes you can!

If you wish to make small changes to one of our designs, you can use the 'buyers box' before you check out to add notes to your order.

If you're still unsure, you can always contact us before your purchase via message or email.

A. Absolutely!

Please fill out the contact form on the homepage with as much detail as you can, where prices will be given upon enquiry. Please note that we may turn down requests in our busy periods, but it never hurts to ask!

A. The price is really down to the ask.

If you're looking to just have an existing set edited (ie, an existing design but in a different colour), expect the price to stay the same.

If you're looking for a completely new design, then the price may vary, depending on the amount of detail work/methods used.

It's really case by case and the best way to find out is to enquire first.

Buying for others

A. Of course! Please let us know in the buyer's box if you plan on doing this though, to avoid any confusion.

However, If you wish for this to be a surprise present, then we may run into problems. Due to our sizing kits being needed, it may be difficult to get someone to try on a sizing kit while still keeping it a secret.

If you're looking for a surprise present, you may be best suited buying a Gift Card.

A. The Gift Cards are digital, so no need to worry about anything coming in the post.

When you purchase a Gift Card, you will receive an email that contains a unique gift card code that you can use at checkout to redeem its value.

If it's a present for someone else, just give them that unique code and they can use it as normal.

Shipping and Lead Times

A. Lead times may vary just depending on the time of the year. In our busiest periods we can be up to a 3-4 week lead time, at other times it can be as low as a week. Best place to find the most updated lead time is our Instagram bio.

We ship via Royal Mail and various shipping options are available at the checkout.

Sizing Kits will always be sent 2nd Class regardless of the option you pick, and does not affect pricing.

If your purchase does not include any sets (ie Application Kit, Sizing Kit, etc), the lead time should only be a few days.

A. We send sizing kits either on the day or following day of a purchase, so the longest you should have to wait is a week. We've seen kits arrive within 24 hours, but we've also experienced kits taking up to two weeks, most usually due Royal Mail delays.

If your kit hasn't arrived in over a week, please get in touch with us. If it still hasn't arrived in the following days we will send out a new one free of charge.

A. If you've checked out with either T24 or VIP shipping, you will be sent a shipping confirmation along with a tracking number once your order has been completed and handed into the post office.

Use this link to track your order with the number we've sent you.

If you've checked out with just regular 1st or 2nd Class, then unfortunately your order will not have tracking available.


A. Yes you can, we have a VIP option in our delivery service where you can skip the queue of outstanding orders and jump to the top of our to-do list.

If you've already placed an order and need it sped up, please contact us and we can link you a retrospective VIP purchase to bump up your order to the top of our fulfilment list.

All VIP orders are send using Royal Mail's T24 (Tracked 24) service, so your order is automatically tracked when checking out with VIP.

Please note that if you are a new customer you will still need to wait for your Sizing Kit, but as soon as we know your sizes, your order will be created next.

A. Currently we ship Worldwide, currently trialling shipping to EU countries

If you are ordering for outside the UK, please be aware that you may be susceptible to custom and shipping charges that we will not held responsible for paying.

If you are situated inside the EU please be aware that you will be susceptible to VAT charges (and potentially custom and shipping charges too) that we will not held responsible for paying.

Cancellations and Refunds

A. If you need to cancel your order you will fall into one of two circumstances which will determine if you will get a refund or not:

  • Cancelled within 24 hours of purchase - Entitled to full* refund.
  • Cancelled after 24 hours of purchase - No entitlement to any refund.

*You may be subject to a £5 sub-charge to cover a sizing kit we may have already sent prior to your cancellation.

A. No.

Due to the fact that each set is custom made to each individual purchaser's measurements, we cannot accept returns under any circumstances.

A. If we've cancelled your order without your knowledge, please check your emails.

Due to sizing being a vital part of our system, we need a response once sizing kits have been sent in order to fulfil the order.

If we receive no response after two weeks, we will start getting in contact. If there is still no response after 30 days, we will close down your order before the start of the following month.

You will not be entitled to a full refund, this is in order to cover the sent sizing kit and shipping costs.

A. Please let us know immediately and we will do all we can to resolve the problem.

A. We've probably already tried to contact you already if this is the case, so check your emails.

You'll need to re-arrange a delivery with us, potentially with a different address and you may be liable to any fees for re-posting.

A. This is most likely due to an error (ie, failing a security check), and what this means is that the bank has attempted to process the purchase but been unable to complete it.

Normally the funds will return back to you account after 24 hours, but this is something you'll need to contact your bank about if you have any further issue.

If you still wish to buy, try checking out again.

If you can't seem to process an order correctly after multiple attempts, please let us know.